Selena Gomez sure has been busy. In case you haven’t heard, the young starlet is the new face of Pantene. I can understand why Proctor & Gamble’s marketing department chose her to represent the brand. She has long, thick, and luscious locks that many of us women would envy. Plus, of course, I think they’re trying to reach a younger demographic with this new campaign — kind of like the way Estee Lauder appointed Kendall as one of their new beauty ambassadors.

If you haven’t seen the promotional video, I’ve included it below. In it you’ll find Selena showcasing her beautiful hair and svelte figure in a series of white outfits teamed with a single pair of uber-glam gold block-heeled sandals.

I admit, the shoes had me at first glance. I couldn’t stop looking at them and I just had to find out who made them. Watch out for the heels in the video, then tell me if you can ID the pair:

selena gomez pantene commercial mesh dress

selena gomez pantene commercial mesh dress 0000

selena gomez pantene commercial mesh dress 3'

selena gomez pantene commercial mesh dress 3'00

selena gomez pantene commercial mesh dress 00

selena gomez pantene commercial mesh dress00

selena-gomez-for-pantene-2015-big-announcement-ftr-1Selena Gomez showcases her luscious locks and svelte figure for a new Pantene commercial

Well, any leads on Selena’s gold sandals?

I confess, I filtered through thousands of styles online in an attempt to find them. Sadly, I came up with nothing. But the good news is I found a similar pair from Paul Andrew. Check out the “Calla” sandals below:

paul andrew calla sandals 3

paul andrew calla sandals 2

paul andrew calla sandalsPaul Andrew Calla Ankle Strap Sandals, $337.50 (was $675)

They’re not gold, but they look very similar to Selena’s sandals. You can grab ’em online if interested. They are currently on sale at $337.50.

On a side note, here’s another block-heeled pair worth considering if you fancy a luxe black-and-gold combination. These sandals are from Kay Unger and I think they are quite pretty. They’re slightly cheaper too:

kay unger zander sandalsKay Unger Zander Sandals, $285

$ 285