After the public scrutinized her relationship with Zayn Malik a few months ago, almost everyone thought Little Mix member, Perrie Edwards, would leave her fiancé. But it seems the two are still going strong and steady if her Instagram account is an indication of their status.

Whether or not Zayn cheated on her with Lauren Richardson in Bangkok, that we will never find out. But one thing is for sure, if he ever did, it appears Perrie managed to forgive him. I’m not sure if that’s a good thing or a bad one, but it’s her life so let’s allow her the freedom to make her own decisions without the criticism.

Speaking of Perrie, the blonde cutie was spotted attending the Capital FM Summertime Ball held in London over the weekend. She performed at the event with the rest of Little Mix, and even had a close encounter with the fellows from One Direction.

For the occasion, Perrie showcased her legs in a sexy boho-inspired lace dress, then complemented the frock with big 70s curls, dark-eye makeup, and some flirty nude lace-up heels. Altogether, it was a getup worthy of two thumbs up because Perrie never looked better.


perrie edwards summertime ball 2015 capital fm office lace up sandals 2

perrie edwards summertime ball 2015 capital fm office lace up sandals 4Perrie Edwards and fellow Little Mix members attend the Capital FM Summertime Ball held in London on June 6, 2015

You have to admit, of the four band member, she was the best dressed gal at the event. Yes?

Perrie’s dress is from Stone Cold Fox. You can grab one for yourself via this store in Los Angeles. The piece is currently on sale at $270, but I doubt it will stay available for long.

As for Perrie’s strappy lace-up sandals, they’re from a British label called Office. Dubbed as the “Ghillie”, the shoes feature 11.2-centimeter-tall heels (about 4.5 inches), kid suede uppers, cutout straps with loops to accommodate the thin laces, and lace-up closures that run through the center, which happen to be both functional and decorative. There are also zipper closures on the back for ease of wear.

office parisian lace-up sandals

office parisian lace-up sandals 3Office Parisian Ghillie Lace-UpSandals, £75 (about $115)

I think these sandals are gorgeous. Don’t you?

They’re also quite timeless and the color is uber flattering so I have no doubt they’ll give you major mileage. If you want a pair, they’re still in stock. To steal Perrie’s style, grab the dress and shoes, then do your hair in big wavy curls.

$ 115