In Los Angeles took place the Golden Screen Awards and a lot of celebs joined the event. Among the others there was the beautiful Paula Patton. Let’s have a look at her style and let’s copy her amazing nude sandals.


She chose a dress with a plunging neckline and a semi sheer skirt slit to the hip.

She is 40 and she was absolutely flawless on the red carpert showing her perfect figure in this shining dress.


Everything was perfect, her make-up that evaluated the colour of her skin and even her dark hair was on point.

The most beautiful detail was on her feet. She wore a pair of nude strappy heels by Tamara Mellon. A lot of stars like Eva Longoria use this kind of shoes.


Paula Patton had a perfect look, elegant and sexy and the same time! Well done! Do you want to buy this pair of sandals? That of Paula are from Tamara Mellon and it costs more than 500 dollars. But, you can buy it at a lower price on MissGuided. This kind of sandals fits with everything: from a pair of jeans to a prom dress! A really investment!