Paris Hilton has made  a success of her own namesake brand. While in Melbourne, Australia on Thursday to promote her Gold Rush fragrance, Hilton praised Childhood Friend Ivanka Trump’s ‘Amazing Brand’


paris-hilton-ivanka-trumpParis Hilton wears black pumps in Melbourne, Australia


paris-hilton-shoes-19While arriving at a luncheon at Garden State Hotel on Thursday the entertainer had on a chic blue dress with a pair of black pumps that featured a bow detail

3a900a2100000578-3953188-image-a-11_1479594604247Paris Hilton says Ivanka Trump is a ‘brilliant’ woman’

3a900a0300000578-3953188-image-m-22_1479595246596Paris, who had been tight-lipped during the election, admitted to The Project that she voted for Donald Trump

3a900a1200000578-3953188-pretty_in_pink_the_new_york_native_was_a_vocal_advocate_of_getti-m-20_1479595206327The New York native was a vocal advocate of getting millennials to vote during the election