Marnie Simpson and her inseparable boyfriend Lewis Bloor went to the gym on Monday for a workout session during the boxing day, maybe they had to burn some calories after the Christmas holidays.

This is a tv couple that has a lot of fans after the Mtv Tv programme Geordie Shore. But now let’s have a look at Marnie Simpson workout style. Of course it was really comfy and perfect to practise sport but it was also stylish. Marnie wore a pair of tiny black hot pants to show off her lithe and gym-honed legs. She matched the Nike bottoms with a lightweight Adidas windbreaker in white. Then she added to her feet a pair of funky floral trainers. She absolutely looked perfect with a toned body. The trainers she decided to wear are by Adidas like her over head jacket. They are pratical and pretty at the same time.

They are really comfy to go to the gym. Everyone needs a pair of trainers in his wardrobe. Sometimes you just prefer the black one but you can add a touch of glam to your workout outfit choosing a pair of floreal trainers. The pair Marnie wore are sold out but seeing that these trainers are trendy there are a lot of alternatives even of the same brand. She was perfect for a gym session wearing her long and black hair into a faff-free up do. She wore a slight touch of make-up. Her boyfriend Lewis looked toned as Marnie. They both looked very good and in love.