Kris Jenner is out to upstage her daughters. Well, maybe not intentionally.

While in Paris for the Haute Couture shows over the weekend, the mother-of-six was spotted hanging out with her famous model daughter — that’s Kendall, of course — in a rather hard-to-ignore attire. The two jump-started Paris Fashion Week by partying with the peepz from Balmain.

For the night out, Kendall kept things simple by donning her usual leather leggings, ankle boots, and white blouse. To add a touch of pizzazz to her off-duty style, she topped the mix with a fur-detailed blue coat.

kris jenner over knee boots january 2015 paris fashion week haute couture 2Kendall sports black leather leggings, ankle boots, and a blue fur trimmed coat for a night out in Paris on January 24, 2015

Not one to be outdone by her daughter’s edgy ensemble, Kris slipped into a short black dress then teamed the piece with black nylons, a black fur stole, and a pair of black over-the-knee boots.

kris jenner over knee boots january 2015 paris fashion week haute couture 3

kris jenner over knee boots january 2015 paris fashion week haute couture 4Kris wears a fur stole and black over-the-knee statement-making boots with her black dress

Sure, perhaps Kris should dress her age. But then again, if you think about it, she’s a grown woman who is free to do whatever she wants. She’s single, ready to mingle, and she actually looks good for someone who is already pushing 60 (yep, she’s turning 60 this November). Besides, I actually think the outfit is kinda groovy. Don’t you?

If you were pushing 60, or even 50, for that matter, would you wear Kris’ outfit and sport thigh-high boots?

I say why not?!

If you have the goods to flaunt, then do so. I couldn’t find any deetz on Kris’ all-black attire, but her boots look a lot like the “Stilo” and “Madison” from Gianvito Rossi. Below is a closer look at the two:

gianvito rossi stilo thigh boots 2-horzGianvito Rossi Stilo Over the Knee Boots, $1238

gianvito rossi madison boots 2-horzGianvito Rossi Madison Over the Knee Boots, $1238

That said, you don’t need to spend thousands of dollars to steal Kris’ style for less. Simply slip into a short black dress and some black stockings. Cap off the attire with a fur scarf (like this) and over-the-knee boots that you can afford, then you’re all set!

Here’s a can-afford pair from Guess Footwear that you can consider:

guess thigh bootsGUESS Zonian 3 Thigh High Boots, $155

$ 155