Jennifer Garner has been putting on a brave face since news broke that she and Ben are getting a divorce. While the two have been trying their best to look united for their children, it’s plain to see that Jen is sad and struggling. Ben was reportedly an unfaithful hubby, so you can’t help but pity the woman. In fact, you can’t help but wish she would find someone who’ll treat her right.

Early this week, Jen was spotted enjoying a moment with a mystery man inside a parked car in Los Angeles. She was all smiles for the guy and it was quite refreshing to see the actress finally look, well, happy.





2FD20B6300000578-3386561-image-a-33_1452068240660Jennifer Garner and a mystery man enjoy a laugh inside a parked car in Los Angels for reportedly 30 minutes before they part ways, January 4, 2015

Honestly, I don’t know if the conversation they had was romantic or not. But that’s not really the reason why Jennifer Garner is here today. She’s here because for the first time ever, the woman put on some edgy-looking footwear.

Usually, the mom of three goes for sporty kicks, flat sandals, or ballet flats when she runs her errands. For some reason, however, she decided to put on a pair of sleek metal-trimmed ankle boots on Monday.




2FCD4F2D00000578-3386561-image-a-26_1452067577655Jennifer Garner steps out in a pair of edgy studded boots in Los Angeles on January 4, 2015

Jen is looking great, don’t you think? The jeans fit right, the black tee is classically cool, and well, those boots! I want them!

Here’s a closer look at the pair. They’re from Givenchy, and the style is called “Rosanna”. They’re lace-less and feature edgy chain-link details around the soles and heels. They are crafted from sturdy buffed leather and come with pointed toes so they look really polished and sophisticated.




648286_e1_xlGivenchy Rosanna Chain Trimmed Brogues in Black Leather, $895

I bet you want a pair. Yes?

You can grab the boots online. They retail at $895. Very pricey, I agree. But what do you expect? They’re from Givenchy. As an alternative, you can try these boots from Jeffrey Campbell if interested:

56452.0.zoomJeffrey Campbell Sergio Boots, $185

$ 895.