Holly Willoughby always chooses amazing outfits for her job on This Morning.

Her look is always on point. She had a particular outfit in occasion of Halloween. Her look was characterized by a lot of feathers and loads of glitter because she was dressed up as an “ice zombie unicorn”. It’s really original, don’t you think? But the outfit we are going to talk about is more formal, perfect for a day at work, especially for the amazing shoes she wore. She had a lace skirt from Very matched with a semi-transparent white sweater showing off her incredibly toned waist. Also the skirt evaluated all her curves. And at her feet a pair of nude courts with an asymmetric strap. You can grab the same shoes for only 90$, they are cheap and perfect in every season with every kind of outfit. She shared this look with her fans that loves her choices.




Even if she had a heavy night she was stunning. She was with Phillip Schofield. Holly talked about her costume for Halloween how it took to dress up and then to remove all the feathers off. So it was a funny but very long night for her. She also added the she loves unicorns and it was like a dream that became true.