Hailey Baldwin is the model of the moment she is having a lot of success and she is also attending a lot of events.

She was on the red carpet of the Jingle Ball North Concert in Toronto in Canada. She is only 21 years old but she already has an amazing carreer. On the red carpet she was stunning in a very special outfit. She commanded attention attending this event. She had a simple statement outfit, an oversized silk. But, at her feet she had an impressive pair of boots by Casadei. We are talking about amazing Casadei over-the-knee Blade boots that are perfect for Hailey and her body.

The all black leather boots have a pointed toe and razor sharp stiletto heel. These boots are for sure a must have, you must buy them to enrich your winter wardrobe. They are perfect for Hailey’s look but with skinny leggins or jeans as well. We know that these ones are quite expensive but don’t worry there are also some good alternatives. Don’t miss the chance to wear this beautiful kind of boots. These boots accentuated her statuesque figure. She posed for the photographer shine more than the other times. The white satin oxford plunged low revealed her decolletage hunging off her petite shoulders.

Her blode hair was swept back in a tight bun with a part down the middle. This made her youthful face shine. She had a slight touch of make-up with just some berry lipstick.

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