While most people are still hooked on the Taylor Swift-Kimye drama, a couple of us are more affected by the news thatDiane Kruger and her long-time boyfriend, Joshua Jackson, have broken up. The split was announced on Monday, just days after Joshua celebrated his 40th birthday.

I loved watching Mighty Ducks and I was hooked on Dawson’s Creek; I even enjoyed following Fringe, so you could say I am a Joshua Jackson fan. I feel sorry for the guy because it seems as though he really waited for Diane to change her mind about marriage. The two were together for 10 years, and she had been consistently vocal about not wanting to settle down whenever the press asked her about the relationship.

Diane and Joshua were last spotted together on Saturday. The Troy actress, who has earned the reputation of style star thanks to her on-point red carpet choices, kept things casual for the day by wearing a Hawaiian-print shirt and a very short black skirt. She complemented the combo with dark sunnies, a Chanel purse, and thick metallic flatforms.

365A21E300000578-0-image-a-9_1468873085222Diane and Joshua were last spotted together on July 16, 2016 in New York City

Earlier in the day, Diane was spotted having a serious discussion with a friend while out and about in New York City. I cannot help but think that this was the day she broke up with him (or perhaps he broke up with her??).

36577C6700000578-3693625-image-a-34_1468692445007Earlier in the day, Diane was seen having a serious discussion with a friend

Aren’t you sad to see these two separate?

Enough of the break-up. How about we focus on Diane’s outfit? Do you approve of her latest street style or no? Did she wear the right shoes to go with? Do you like the printed shirt or hate it?

I couldn’t find any details on Diane’s shirt and skirt, but her sunglasses are from Ray-Ban. You can find the aviators online if you wish to check them out. No information has been released on her sandals yet, but they do remind me of the Christian Louboutin “Cataclou” flatforms (see below):

image1xxlRay-Ban RB4253 Sunglasses, $175

504360679_1_shoesideChristian Louboutin Cataclou Espadrille Flatforms, $795

If you’re digging Diane’s summer style, you can easily steal it by wearing a printed blue shirt over a black mini skirt. Top off the combo with aviator sunnies and then use any of these flatforms from Barneys and Sanchita:

504410714_1_shoesideBarneys Padma Platform Sandals, $275

sanch3000312867_q3_1-0Sanchita Cadence Sandals, $297 (was $425)

$ 275