Yesterday, Chris Evans and his happy family were seen in London. The Radio Two presenter announced earlier this year that they are trying to have a fourth child. On air, before his 3rd son was born he said that: ‘My wife and I couldn’t be more thrilled . . . Like a lot of couples, becoming pregnant this time was not easy and to the extent that it was beginning to feel like it may never happen.’ Now, we wish them luck for the next one.

Talking about fashion: parents were casual but the kids went all out. The older one wore a shirt and a blazer with a Michel Jackson like hat. Eli, the youngest son, steeled the show with a green metallic dress and black boots. Natasha, Chris’s wife wore a casual outfit and reminded us how cool Converses can be.


Remember those days in High School when all you would wear are a pair of black converse? Well, you can still wear them and they are still cool. Pair them with jeans and a shirt and you are ready to take your kids for a walk.