We all have our bad days and our off days. Celebrities are no different, I guess.

Cameron Diaz, for example, sure didn’t look like her usual sexy, stylish, and sassy self when she attended the 2014 Breakthrough Prize Awards at NASA AMES Research Center in Mountain View, California over the weekend.

The seasoned actress wasn’t looking her best in the black pencil skirt and black sleeveless top she put out for the occasion. For some reason, she failed to deliver the usual fashion-star appeal. Her outfit, though dark and slimming, did little to flatter her fantastic figure. Thankfully, however, she managed to salvage the look with a pair of studded strappy sandals and some orange-red lipstick.

cameron diaz black prada studded sandals 2

cameron diaz black prada studded sandalsCameron Diaz smiles for the cameras as she attends the 2014 Breakthrough Prize Awards at NASA AMES Research Center in Mountain View, California on November 9, 2014

How do you like Cameron’s outfit?

Yes, she definitely could have done better. But I don’t think she looks bad either. The whole getup is actually elegant. I just don’t like the way the blouse distorted her shape.

I have no clue what brand of lipstick Cam used to achieve her beauty look, but I do know that her strappy sandals are from Prada. They’re decorated with studs all throughout the straps, and feature 4.5-inch-tall heels. Below is a closer look at her shoes:

prada suede strappy sandals 2

prada suede strappy sandalsPrada Studded Strappy Sandals in Black-Black, $1100

Do you like what you see?

I agree. They’re even more stunning up close. They also come in gold-gold and black-gold combinations in case you want a pair with more shine and drama. A pair of these sandals will set you back $1100:

prada suede strappy sandals 4Prada Studded Strappy Sandals in Gold-Gold, $1100

prada suede strappy sandals 3Prada Studded Strappy Sandals in Black-Gold, $1100

$ 1100