Amber Rose has perfected the art of taking a sexy selfie. The voluptuous model showed this once more when she recruited Blac Chyna for a sexy hot bathroom snap. She shared 2 snaps of herself and her topless gal pal last Sunday. She took such pictures seductively pouting her lips as she squeezes in some sort of a low-cut corset-style bathing suit. She took the images with her trendy Moschino cellphone case that was designed to look like a perfume spray bottle. As for the solo selfie, the 32-year old model puckered up her full pink lips as she sported her signature pair of sunglasses.

Blac Chyna protected her modesty by placing a hand upon her exposed breast in the other image. She wore much less than Amber, wearing just black panties as she was flirtatiously posing with one curvaceous hip.


Amber has been busy promoting her freshly released book entitled ‘How to Be a Bad B*tch.’ This features Amber completely naked on the cover. The Simon & Schuster published book is the curvaceous model’s first venture into writing. The blonde model offers advice on love, fashion and career in her book. She also appeared in an episode of Black-ish earlier last week.


When it comes to night outs, Amber Rose really loves glamming it up. On the other hand, she still knows how or when to tone it down. She looked sensational in her daytime look with a sports luxe twist. The voluptuous model wore a simple white tank top which includes a leather jacket, and leggings that she topped-off with SAINT LAURENT’s Faux shearling-lined leather and shell high-top sneakers.


These sneakers aren’t simply just some old pair you knock about with. But, since they are made out of faux shearling-lined leather, they’ll look great with just about anything from some casual dresses or outfits to culottes and jeans. You can even get away with them at any kind of event because they are Saint Laurent.

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SAINT LAURENT Faux shearling-lined leather and shell high-top sneakers

$ 795