It’s no secret that Amal Alumuddin Clooney is a fantastic dresser. It would be a surprise if George Clooney didn’t marry a stylish lady because he is into well-dressed women. Luckily for him, Amal also happens to be exceptionally smart and accomplished in her career.

During Thanksgiving, Amal and her famous husband George were seen jetting off to London. For the plane ride, the lawyer dressed in a comfortable but chic attire that included black skinny jeans worn with a white shirt and an uber gorgeous snake-print biker jacket. She capped off her look with dark eyewear, a Balenciaga bag, and a pair of buckled wedge sneakers from Ash.

Yes people, when it comes to designer choices, she’s into celebrity-approved goods too. And Amal looked a whole lot like it as she strut her stuff at the airport with Clooney by her side.

amal alumuddin clooney balanciaga bag ash wedges airport style

amal alumuddin clooney balanciaga bag ash wedges airport style 22Amal Clooney looks chic as always as she takes a plane ride to London with her husband, George Clooney, on November 27, 2014

Do you like her style?

Amal’s wedge sneakers are the “Genial”. They  feature very walkable and comfortable 2.25-inch-tall wedge heels and four buckles straps at the vamps. Below is a closer look at the pair.

ash genial low wedge sneakers

ash genial low wedge sneakers 2Ash Genial Low Wedge Sneakers, $200

If you fancy grabbing the sneakers, feel free to order them online. They retail at $200 a pair. Amal’s Balenciaga bag is the Arena Giant 12 Mini City. Below is a similar style from Barneys.

balenciaga giant 12 mini city areanBalenciaga Arena 12 Mini City Tote, $1395

$ 200