Kate Garraway was all glitz and glam as she headed to Piers Morgan’s Christmas Party last Wednesday evening which was held at Scarsdale Tavern in West London. The 48-year-old Good Morning Britain‘s host turned heads as she walked in the venue of the party wearing a plunging black ensemble which totally showed her curves.


Although she is used to waking up around 2 in the morning, the morning TV show host was still all bubbly and game for the night as she exchanged chitchats and fun times with the other guests in the party. Seems like Kate and Piers are pretty getting along well with each other as the former was very vocal about saying that she is happy that Piers joined Good Morning Britain. Kate even added that she thinks Piers is such a good addition to the show because he is a good and brilliant journalist.

And of course, never mind if she has to wake up early the next day for the morning show, Kate still looked wide awake and ready to rock during the party. She was even one of the best dressed during the night with her glittery dress and matched with her sexy-looking glittery shoes. The ensemble just looked so fab on her! The glitter gives her outfit that extra oomph, especially with that pointy toe which is sharp and chic.



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