Is Zoe Saldana pregnant?

She is, after all, married. The brunette beauty recently attended the premiere of her latest film, Guardians of the Galaxy, and I must say, she looked a pregnant in her outfit.

Also, I’m usually fond of her fashion choices on the red carpet, but I found the ensemble she chose for the occasion a tad too busy. Not that my opinion matters, of course. Besides, despite the rather adventurous choice, Zoe looked fantastic. She was able to pull off the play of textures and pattern like a pro.

For the event, Zoe wore a lace-on-lace attire from Louis Vuitton and punctuated her look with a pair of ankle wrap sandals from Jimmy Choo, which were also embellished to the hilt. The bodice of her dress was super sheer, so it flaunted her simple white bra to the world. The bottom portion of her outfit was paneled with white at the center, so I guess you could say she wore the white brassiere to match the skirt detail.



zoe-saldana-white-bra-at-guardians-of-galaxy-premiere-01Zoe Saldana attends the premiere of Guardians of the Galaxy in Hollywood, July 21, 2014

Do you approve of Zoe’s latest red carpet style? Does her outfit appeal to your sartorial sensibilities? Also, what are your thoughts on her shoes? They look very interesting, and perhaps even custom-made especially for her. Can you appreciate the details?

I couldn’t find Zoe’s Jimmy Choo heels online, but the silhouette reminds me a lot of the “Lottie”, only, with thinner straps. Here’s a metallic lace version of the Lottie for your reference:

jimmy choo lottie metallic lace-vertJimmy Choo Lottie Sandals in Metallic Lace, $850

If you fancy the Lottie sandals, you can easily purchase them online. They come in many renditions, from metallic to patent. Now if it’s Zoe’s sandals you want, you can either head over to a Jimmy Choo store and order them, or do a little D.I.Y. by getting crafty using any of these ankle-wrap options from Zappos:

badgley mischka kandyceBadgley Mischka Kandyce Sandals, $165 (was $235)lilly pulitzer bella sandalsLilly Pulitzer Bella Sandals, $198

via spiga tiaraVia Spiga Tiara Sandals, $250

$ 165