Adidas’ NMD franchise has indeed produced lots of spin-offs this year. One of its creative styles, the City Sock (also known as the NMD CS1), has created inspirations and imitations to Zara, a fast-rising fashion label for new sneakers.

Zara created the Black Geometric High-Top sneakers, a similar model of the NMD CS1. Even though it does not have the proprietary Boost cushioning and Prime knit construction feature from Adidas’ NMD CS1, it still has a pull tab feature at the heel like its inspiration. It is composed of a stretchable material so you can easily put them on.

Other than that, it has a wrap-around design with a rubberized print on the upper portion resulting in a budget-friendly interpretation of its popular sock like look. You can find Zara’s sneaker at at a very affordable price of $59.90.