Gorgeous! There’s no better word to describe Rita Ora when she stepped out in a Vivienne Westwood dress for her appearance on Sweat the Small Stuff, a British comedy panel shown on BBC Three.

Dropping her street clothes and Adidas, the 23-year-old singer looked every inch a lady in her pretty clothes. She matched her dress with a pair of bright shoes.


Rita Ora’s bright yellow shoes were by Christian Louboutin. She has worn them several times before. When the shoes, called Batignolles, were first released, the shoes came in a wide range of colors. Sadly, the candy-colored shoes are already sold out.

You can still choose to buy pretty yellow shoes online. We like the following lemon yellow shoes:

The shoes will bring some sunshine into your summer day. Just think of how pretty your feet will look when you attend a garden wedding. You can even wear these shoes with cuffed denims. They will add a pop of color to a boring outfit. Happiness in a pair of shoes is what they are.