When it comes to shoes, how bold can you go, and how bright?

If you’re into festive prints that remind of summer, then check out one of the latest styles to hit the store shelves this month — the “Wagner” pumps from Privileged. These shoes are what some may call pump-and-bootie hybrids. Besides the really catchy printed uppers, they feature metal caps at the toes, cutouts on the vamp of each shoe, and fasteners that wrap around the heels and ankles. They also feature 5-inch tall angular metallic heels for a more polished effect.

privileged wagner pumps 3

privileged wagner pumps

Simply put, these “Wagner” pumps have some serious flash factor, would you agree? I can’t say they’re fly, but that’s because of personal preference. What about you, will you wear these heels? And how would you wear them?

They say in fashion, nothing is ugly. It’s all a matter of how your wear a certain piece (or more precisely, what you wear it with). So do you think you can rock these pointy stilettos and make them look super chic?

By the way, if you want the Wagner, they’re yours for an affordable $100.

$ 100