Nicole Richie has always been a trend setter. Even during her stint as a reality TV star in The Simple Life. She may have not worn all the latest designer threads then but between her and Paris Hilton, she’s always looked as the cooler one to us.

Now a mommy of two, a wife of a rockstar, and a fashion designer, Nicole Richie still looks cool as ever.

Just check out the cool momma in her Anthony Vaccarro dress and Jimmy Choo sandals at the 2014 AOL Newsfronts presentation:


The outfit had enough texture and shine that it didn’t need any more extravagant accessories so Nicole was right in simply choosing a nice pair of sandals to finish her look.

The sandals she wore that day were by Jimmy Choo. We found the sandals online so you could buy them too.



The sandals are made of braided rope straps snake stamp leather.

$ 1395