Have you had enough of Miley Cyrus’ wacky antics?

I gotta admit, I think the girl is actually smart. She probably plans every stunt (she pulls) with careful calculation. She does it for the attention — that’s true. But she wants the attention because she needs it to stay alive in the business. And you know? Whatever she’s doing, it’s working. It’s working 110% because her songs are now playing over and over on the radio.

Speaking of Ms. Cyrus, did you catch her performance at the AMAs last Sunday?

Yes, as expected, Miley was once again half naked. And this time, she sang with a lip-syncing kitten for a background. It was really weird. I don’t know what went through her head when she chose a cat for a background, but I’m sure she had her reasons. Check out her performance below and tell me what you think of it.

Miley Cyrus wears a cat-print outfit with matching cat-print wedge sandals for her performance at the American Music Awards held in Los Angeles last November 24, 2013

Do you like her two-piece outfit (if you can call it that)? It has cat print all over, do you dig it?

And check out her shoes! You know, those matching wedge sandals actually look kinda cute. A little insane, but they are somehow, quite charming. Would you agree?

I looked up Miley’s whole get-up for the AMAs and found out that she wore Markus Lupfer from head to toe. I couldn’t find the shoes online, though, so I’m guessing they were custom made for Miley. I did however, find some printed heels that reminded me a lot of her sandals.

Check out the Iron Fist Reina Muerte Wedge Sandals below. These are actually more tropical than “animal” in terms of print, but they are fancy and quite wearable.


Iron Fist Reina Muerte Wedge Sandals in Black and Orange, $75