Maggie Q is one of those kick-ass female stars I enjoy watching on TV. Yep, I’m a huge Nikita fan, and I’m actually quite thrilled that she’s in Divergent too (as Tori Wu).

Her Eurasian features has made the actress stand out in a sea of blue-eyed blonds in Hollywood. And the fact that she has a killer body helps a lot  in the popularity department too.

Last Tuesday, Maggie was spotted attending the premiere of Divergent at Regency Bruin Theatre in Los Angeles along with the rest of the movie’s cast. While the leading lady, Shailene Woodley, graced the event in a gold Venus-inspired gown, Nikita, er, Maggie, got all the attention when she shimmied her way to the arrival area in an extremely sexy black dress (from Anthony Vaccarello) that showcased her right leg — and so much more. The cutouts on her figure-fitting dress went all the way up to the waist, so yeah, you could say the frock exposed a whole lot without giving anything anyway — except maybe for the fact that Maggie intentionally left her underwear at home.


maggie-q-wears-no-underwear-divergent-premiere-05Maggie Q gets risque for the Divergent premiere by wearing a sexy cutout dress that required her to skip her underwear, March 18, 2014

Wow. It takes a whole lot of guts to wear a dress like that, so I’m gonna give her mad props. I also like how she kept everything else simple by wearing stud earrings, a simple gold clutch, and classic yet utterly sexy sky-high pointy stilettos from Christian Louboutin.

On Maggie are the “Pigalle” in black patent. These pointies feature 4.75-inch tall slim and straight covered heels and lowered vamps for a more flattering appearance. They’re also crafted from black patent leather for that smooth and slick finish. If you fancy them, you can grab them over at Neiman Marcus for a hefty $625:

christian louboutin pigalle patent black 2

christian louboutin pigalle patent blackChristian Louboutin Pigalle Pumps in Black Patent, $625

Of course, with a classic design like the Pigalle, you can always skip the expensive designer labels and go for alternatives with prices that are right up your alley. Here’s a possible contender from Ivanka Trump — the Carra. These are not crafted from patent leather and the heels aren’t as high, but the silhouette is close:

ivanka trump caraIvank Trump Carra Pumps, $135

$ 135