We know this has been so many times before but Lourdes Ciccone looks just like her super famous mother- Madonna. The 17-year-old student and label designer (she has her own clothing line) is just as beautiful and cool as her mother. She’s got her mom’s genes; she seems to have inherited the pop superstar’s business acumen; and we’ve seen so many photographs showing she got Madonna’s cool fashion sense too.

Over the weekend, Lourdes stepped out with her mom to go to the Kabbalah center. That day, she wasn’t in the most fashionable clothing; instead, she chose to wear casual clothes:

For running errands or getting around comfortably, trainers are the perfect choice of footwear. New Balance is a celeb favorite because they look cool and they’re also very comfy. The classic model comes in a wide range of colors so that makes buying them an easy choice too.

Check out the three colorways among the many that are available at 6PM:




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