No, this isn’t newsworthy. But hey, it’s about Mother Monster, so indulge me for a bit.

Lady Gaga arrived in Istanbul, Turkey, on Tuesday, and per usual, wore an ensemble that made a spectacle of herself. The outfit consisted of a sheer layered frock that showcased her legs, boobs, and bare back. You could say she was practically naked in the piece. She teamed the number with oversized square sunnies, a blond bob, er, wig, and a pair of extremely high platform mary janes. I know I said mary janes remind me of school girls, but the shoes she wore were in no way reminiscent of that. They were ridiculously chunky and tall — 9 inches tall, to be exact.

What was supposedly a routine setup for a celebrity arriving at a hotel turned into something more interesting when Gaga almost tripped over her shoes after getting off the car. Thankfully, she managed to hold on to a security escort and avoid completely embarrassing herself. Then another guy swooped in to make sure she was “stable”

lady gaga trip mary jane platform heels istanbul turkey

lady gaga trip mary jane platform heels istanbul turkey 2Lady Gaga is assisted by two security men after almost tripping over her high heels while arriving at her hotel in Istanbul, Turkey, on September 16, 2014

lady gaga trip mary jane platform heels istanbul turkey 4-horzA look at the front and side views of Lady Gaga’s dress

Here’s my two cents on the pop diva’s latest mishap: why wear ridiculously high heels when you know they’re very deadly? I mean, shoes like that can kill you, so why risk it? Then again, the lady lives for the attention, so I can’t blame her.

Only a very select group of people can pull off wearing extremely high heels like Gaga’s mary janes, and to some degree, you have to hand it to them for being daring and bold enough.

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