Kirsten Dunst has resurfaced. Ok, she didn’t really go away or anything, but the actress has been keeping a low profile until lately. She’s appearing in a new 60s era movie called The Two Faces of January, hence another round of promotional appearances.

On Tuesday, the natural blond guested on The View. For the occasion, she channeled men’s fashion by donning a blue oxford button down, a dark jacket, and a pair of skinny trousers. She complemented the look with loose tresses, a structured handbag, and a pair of pointy booties. It was a simple mix, but really sophisticated and elegant.

kirsten dunst the view masculine feminine style booties face of january 2

kirsten dunst the view masculine feminine style booties face of januaryKirsten Dunst makes an appearance on The View in New York to promote her new movie, The Two Faces of January, on September 16, 2014

Do you like Kirsten’s boy-meets-girl style?

I’m a sucker for androgynous dressing, so this one’s a hit with me. I also like how she gave the outfit a feminine twist by wearing pointy booties and a ladylike purse.

Speaking of, any tips on where she got those shoes? I love how classy and sexy they look. There’s a vintage yet modern feel to them, which I absolutely go for. The shape seems Victorian inspired, but the slim heels and angular silhouette of the tongue make the shoes modern and fresh.

I did a quick lookup and it turns out that Kirsten’s boots are from Salvatore Ferragamo. They’re called the “Nume Glass” pointy toe booties. They feature suede uppers trimmed with smooth leather panels, as well as 4-inch-tall self-covered heels. Below is a closer look:

ferragamo nume glass pointy toe bootiesSalvatore Ferragamo Nume Glass Pointy Toe Booties, $850

You like?

You can easily score these shoes online for a price of $850. Kirsten’s structured purse is also from Ferragamo. It’s called the “Sofia”, and I’m guessing she’s toting the smaller version. You can score a similar one over at Zappos:

salvatorre ferragamo sofia satchelSalvatore Ferragamo Small Sofia Satchel, $1490

$ 850