Jojo is looking good these days. The 23-year-old singer who is slowly but surely getting back in the game after struggling with her music career several years back looks beautiful and strong and ready to outperform anyone. With her beautiful voice, Jojo is sure to have a lasting career. For now, we’re just glad she’s really getting out there, performing and also spending time with her friends.

The paps caught up with the singer on August 1 just as Jojo was stepping out of Bootsy Belows. She smiled for the cameras showing what a positive, lovely person she is. Jojo was dressed nicely for the night out, wearing a dress with asymmetrical hem that showed off the tough-looking boots that she paired with it:

*EXCLUSIVE* JoJo shows off her smile leaving Bootsy Bellows **NO Australia, New Zealand**

We totally dig this kind of look. Boots balance out the femininity of dresses and they add a street vibe to one’s look too.

Tough boots look even better when they become old and scruffy. They develop “character”– tough and yet charming.

Heavy and durable, the following boots from Harley-Davidson will look even better once they get a little worn out.


If you take good care of them, they will even last you a lifetime. So the $126 you pay for a pair comes out to very little when you divide that amount by the number of years you will be wearing the boots. That’s a great deal when you think about it.

Of course, it’s only a great deal if you’re a fan of tough boots. We are.

$ 126