Doc Martens are the shoes we hardly need any help styling. We believe they go with anything and even the craziest looks will pass when you wear the Doc Martens but it’s still nice to see celebrities who are known to have a great sense of style wear one of the most loved footwear in the world.

Jessica Alba, now a businesswoman and a mother of two, is known to always look put-together. Even her most casual looks show the respect she has for fashion and for the people she meets. She knows that as a celebrity she has to look nice. She also makes a very good example for her two little girls who as early as now are also showing a love for fashion.

Last week, Jessica Alba stepped out more than once wearing the iconic footwear brand Doc Martens. She brought a pair of  black, classic 8-eyelet DMs to New York City and wore them all week. So, Jessica isn’t just showing us her great sense of style, she also shows us the smart way to travel– bring clothes that are easy to mix and match and bring shoes that will go well with different looks.

For her NYC trip, Jessica managed to wear her boots with both dresses and pants. Here we feature two of her looks.

Now that Jessica has shows us how to rock Dr. Martens whether wearing pants or skirts, it’s time to purchase our own classic 8-eye Dr. Martens boots. We love how the shoes come in a wide range of colors. It also helps that Dr. Martens last forever.

Check out just some of the options available:

Doc-Martens-1460-W-Black Doc-Martens-1460-W-Green Doc-Martens-1460-W-Red Doc-Martens-1460-W-White

Gotta love them all. Just imagine all the possible outfits you can put together with these cool boots.

For other outfit inspirations, check out how other people wear their Doc Martens here.

$ 120