Denim has been utilized as a material in the production of accessories, clothing, furniture, and vehicles. For decades, it has absolutely not faded. Even if it is a usual and very familiar material, it still gives any sort of products a unique look even if it’s worn by employees or fashion models. There’s no wonder why the earliest release of the jeans sandals by Danielle Katz have become very popular in the mass and social media.

Danielle Katz, a 29 year old fashion designer, came up with the concept of her jeans sandals collection while she was searching in her closet and finding a pair of her old favorite jeans. She made a decision to recycle the jeans into a whole new piece of accessory and clothing. She then decided to start making small quantities of handmade jeans sandals.

Eventually, the sandals turned out to be a big hit not just on the streets, but also on fashion blogs and websites. The product was even featured on NBC’s Today Show, AOL, Yahoo, and more. Dani.K decided to continue with large scale jean sandals production in order to answer the growing popular demand. With this, she contracted reliable partners and top-notch manufacturers and suppliers. They are currently investing a lot of time and resources to ensure production of jeans sandals are of the highest quality.

To make sure that there will be a successful initial round of manufacturing and delivery to supporters, her team needs to raise at least $20,000. With a particular contribution level, supporters will get a pair of these jeans sandals of their choice at a great discount as compared to the retail price in the future along with a special gift. A successful fund raising of more than $20,000 will allow Dani K. and her partners to offer even more sizes as well as additional styles that could turn heads.

Dani.K jeans sandals are made from 100% indigo denim fabric. They are specifically woven for the product and even washed with precision to guarantee that they get the vintage look. The footwear collection has a TPR sole or Thermo Plastic Rubber sole. This means that it’s as flexible as a typical leather sole, but more durable. These jeans sandals’ features include animal-friendly or non-leather brand label, usable pockets, and interior brand name print and high quality custom accessories.

Dani.K jeans sandals collection includes 1. The Leopard, 2. The Classic, 3. The Punk, and 4. The Tall which are offered in different sizes.