If we all stepped out for coffee styled like Jamie Chung, everyone would choose to buy coffee outside just to see how beautiful everyone is. The busy actress (with 5 films in post-production), stepped out for some coffee at the Real Food Daily in a super cute outfit consisting of a sleeveless denim top, a black skirt and open-toe booties.

Of course, it probably makes a difference that celebrities know there are photographers waiting for them outside. If someone waited outside our doorstep waiting to take our photos, we’d be terrified to walk out of our home looking like crap. But then, there are celebrities who don’t give a hoot and really just go about their day in their sweat pants and uggs. So I guess Jamie Chung is commendable for always dressing up even to the most regular days.


For her coffee run, Jamie looked great but it didn’t seem like she put a ton of effort to her outfit choice. Her look was also far from lazy but it was still a totally fun look.

What we didn’t notice right away was how the strap of her shoes complemented her bag. It’s the little details like this that make Jamie Chung’s personal style admirable. This means the actress pay attention to the little things; that for everyday wear she does not make one bold fashion statement but instead builds a great outfit with different good pieces worn together perfectly.

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