Men have been carrying wallets since the introduction of the paper currency in the early 1600s. At that time, wallets came in various forms and people used them to carry some other items like smoking accessories and food until in the 20th century, during the Industrial Revolution, when production of leather turned inexpensive and easy. At that time, wallets became standardized and people started producing them to facilitate easier carrying of money.

Credit cards came into being in the late 1950s and the wallets made to carry them became the standard. As the circulation of cards increased, the demand for big wallets to hold the cards increased. Women would put their large and odd-shaped wallets in purses and men’s wallets increased in size as they held more cards in them. It was common to find a man with a bulging rear pocket or a jacket that hang crookedly because of the huge load they carried in their inside pockets. In fact, the billfolds caused balance and back problems. Today, it is different. You can get the best minimalist leather wallet. We have highlighted some of the minimalist wallets you should try.

– Original Slim Credit Card Holder

The Slim Kinzd credit card holder allows carrying of the important documents. With the ID window and easier to access pocket, you will have adequate room for all your basics. Regardless of the route you choose – e-wallet or minimal credit cards – the slim credit card holder will do it all. Even though it looks small, the wallet will help you carry all the essentials you need each day.

– The Slim Front Pocket Wallet

If you need a wallet that will carry all your essentials and not bulk your outfit, you need the Slim Front Pocket Wallet. You can carry some cash, ID and credit cards and the minimalist design will not make you feel weighed down. The pull-tab will help you reach your cards faster. This slim wallet will fit in the front pocket easily and leave your hands free.

– The Slim Fold Wallet

The Slim Fold Wallet will not only function like a bi-fold, but you will also be able to pack it down into a size that you can easily manage. The wallet can hold 5-8 cards in addition to cash and comes with a sizeable ID window to store the driver’s license. You do not have to carry two separate wallets because the slim fold wallet will hold anything you need throughout the day. Moreover, the sensible bi-fold will prevent the overflowing or bulking up of our essentials. Full-grain leather credit card wallets are made to last for many years. Due to their minimalist style and multi-functionality, they will add style to your life while standing the test of time.

How to get the best minimalist credit card holder

Mostly, the choice of a credit card holder will feel overwhelming. To get the best minimalist credit card holder, you will have to consider all your needs. A quality leather wallet with good design will stand the test of time. The above three styles should provide you with a good start place when shopping.