Selena Gomez spent several days in Italy for the Ischia Film Festival. At the festival, she was awarded the Kids’ Global Award during the closing night gala and dinner. She also attended the festival for the special screening of her film Rudderless.

The actress had so much fun in the city not just during her professional appearances but also during her off-duty activities. Below are some of the photos she uploaded on her Instagram from her Italian trip:

How cool is it that Selena agreed to take a selfie with fans while she was in traffic? She uploaded the following photo with the caption, “I told them I would.”


She also posted a photo of her by the sea and a photo of her closet while in Ischia:



After her red carpet appearances and all the fun she had at the city, it was time for the actress to leave Italy. She flew on a private aircraft:


Since the star was taking a private plane to travel out of Italy, she didn’t need to wear super comfy clothes. No sweatpants or uggs for the young star, she chose to travel in style.

Not only did Selena wear a lace romper to travel, she completed the look with some fierce heels.

You too can purchase the same pair of shoes! We doubt you would wear the shoes to travel though since the heels stand 4 1/2 inches.



 The shoes used to retail for $1,495. They are now on sale for such a reasonable amount- less than $600. For shoes made in Italy, that is definitely a bargain.

$ 539