Imagine a pair of heels…

Now, imagine it’s made up of hairs!



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Artist Zhu Tian has crafted a spectacular footwear using rubber and human hair called'”Babe”. The Chinese and London based artist, realized this project in celebration of  Elle China’s 25th anniversary.

“ELLE invited me to create a work using a pair of Dior’s stilettos. I was trying to question and challenge the ‘sexy’ image of high heels in contemporary culture. Are they inherently sexy? Or are we ‘told’ they are sexy?”, Tian said in an interview.

An exhibit with a touch of Chinese culture was set up by the artist. The pair was seen bonded with a string and suspended from the ceiling, presents the old footbinding custom and the association of stilletos to sexual attractiveness.



“By creating this stiletto-shaped sculpture from an ambiguous combination of flesh-like texture and human hair, the intention was to deconstruct the stereotype of the femininity of high heels,” she continued.”

Copyright of Zhu Tian.
Zhu Tian ‘Babe’ 2013 Rubber, human hair, pigment, courtesy of the artist.
Photographs of Zhu Tian by Yiannis Mouzakitis.