A new variation on a very classic theme, “Pigalle Follies” is our famed “Pigalle” refitted with a superfine stiletto heel. The effect is a daring new “Pigalle” with a plunging 120mm arch. This season’s mesmerizing sunflower “Strass Degrade” version is dressed in hand-placed crystals that will add a breathtaking touch to your evening ensembles.

christianlouboutin-pigallefollies-3140997_M156_2_1200x1200 christianlouboutin-pigallefollies-3140997_M156_1_1200x1200 christianlouboutin-pigallefollies-3140997_M156_3_1200x1200 christianlouboutin-pigallefollies-3140997_M156_40_1200x1200

$ 3945