“Life is too short to take style too seriously,” advises Helsinki-based accessories designer Minna Parikka. Her classic bunny-ear-adorned designs have aww-d everyone from badass Beth Ditto to sweetheart Taylor Swift. Stitched into the sneaker’s high-top, the bunny’s ears sit elegantly on the wearer’s ankles, making a subtle statement of whimsey. Mean denim and bitchin’ leather jacket for perfect bad-girl-good-girl juxtaposition moments not included.

BUNNY SNEAKS Minna-Parikka-shoes-Bunny-Sneaks-(Black-Nappa)-010601 Black Nappa Minna-Parikka-shoes-Bunny-Sneaks-(Orange-Pony)-010601 Minna-Parikka-shoes-Bunny-Sneaks-(Orange-Pony)-010606 Minna-Parikka-shoes-Bunny-Sneaks-(Black-Pony)-010601 Minna-Parikka-shoes-Bunny-Sneaks-(Black-Pony)-010606