Let’s be honest, Ashley Tisdale may not be the prettiest actress in Hollywood, but the girl is cute and she’s got style. She may not have Sofia Vergara’s womanly curves, but I actually prefer her cute and trim figure. Plus, she’s got some gorgeous legs and she knows how to flaunt them. In short, Ashley can dress and she knows how to look good.

On Tuesday, the former Disney darling was spotted leaving a salon in West Hollywood. For the outing, she sported a little black dress, but took things to the next level by teaming the piece with an embossed LV bag and knee-high gladiator sandals. She looked simple but chic in the getup, and everyone couldn’t help but notice.

ashley tisdale knee high gladiator sandals

ashley tisdale knee high gladiator sandals 2Ashley Tisdale sports knee-high sandals during her salon visit in West Hollywood on September 2, 2014

If you’re secretly toying with the idea of wearing knee-high gladiator sandals, but are too afraid to do so because you don’t know how to rock the pair or you’re afraid you might look like a fool, then I suggest you take a cue from Ashley here. This look she put together is probably the easiest way to style those strappy flats. It’s fail proof, elegant, and chic.

The trick is simple. Understand that knee-high gladiator sandals are statement-making shoes. They don’t need a lot of decoration, so wear them with simple pieces, like a short dress that comes in a simple silhouette. It is also preferable that the dress come in a single color. The little black dress is actually your best bet.

You can accessorize with baubles, but keep them to a minimum. The same applies with your purse. Pick a simple bag that comes in a classic or neutral color. Once you have the essentials in order, polish things up with great eyewear.

style knee high sandalsDress: Vince Split Front Dress / Purse: Tarnish Lizard Chain Clutch / Cuff: Spring Street Metal Coil Bracelet / Eyewear: BP 53mm Marble Frame Sunglasses

Ashley’s knee-high gladiator sandals are from Stuart Weitzman. They feature 15.25-inch-tall shafts, uppers made out of thin horizontal and vertical straps, and heels that are about less-than-an-inch tall. They’re as classic as knee-high sandals can get. Below is a closer look at the pair. If you fancy the shoes, you can score them over at Zappos for an accessible $398.

stuart weitzman gladiator sandals 2-horzStuart Weitzman Knee High Gladiator Sandals, $398

$ 398