Alexa Chung has come a long way since her modeling days. No, I don’t mean she no longer models, she still does. However, she is now more than just a runway mannequin. She’s one of Britain’s “it” girls, has turned herself into a TV presenter, and even a contributing editor to British Vogue. We may also have to add DJ to her growing list of credentials, but that’s exactly what she did at the New York Magazine Fashion Week Party on Tuesday.

After hitting the MARC by Marc Jacobs presentation, Alexa went straight to the party and went behind the decks to DJ. She managed to switch outfits, though interestingly, they looked quite similar. For her front row appearance, Alexa donned a pink leather knee-length skirt and topped the piece with a polka-dotted blouse. She then punctuated the mix with a boxy purse and flirty lace-up sandals.

alexa chung pencil skirt lace up sandals marc jacobs spring 2015 fashion week septemberAlexa Chung at the front row of the Spring 2015 MARC by Marc Jacobs presentation during New York Fashion Week on Tuesday, September 9, 2014

For the party, Alexa traded in her dotted blouse for a shimmery champagne-hued creation, then teamed the piece with another knee-length leather skirt — this time, in black. She then punctuated the outfit with the same lace-up sandals.

alexa chung dj fashion week lace up sandals-horzAlexa Chung goes behind the decks to DJ for the New York Magazine Fashion Week Party held on the same day, September 9, 2014

How do you like Alexa’s take on those lace-up sandals? She obviously followed a “uniform”, going for button-up blouses and knee-length leather skirts for the day. Can you appreciate?

Both looks are sophisticated and chic, but also relatively conservative. Do you approve? Will you pair your lace-up heels with similar pieces, or do you think you can style them better?

While I tried, I couldn’t find any details on Alexa’s lace-up sandals online. But if you wish to steal her Fashion Week look, you can easily do so with these strappy heels from Carvela by Kurt Geiger.

carvela guard lace up sandals-horzCarvela Kurt Geiger Guard Lace Up Sandals, $230

The “Guard” feature 4.5-inch-tall heels, inch-thick platforms, and a strappy lace-up silhouette that is infinitely sexy. These sandals retail at an attainable $230 so grabbing a pair will not make you feel so bad. Wear the sandals with a button-up blouse  and a knee-length  leather skirt to copy Alexa’s outfit.

$ 230