We all want those perfect party shoes. The shoes at the centre of attention and which complement our style just right. But most of us can’t always afford the best designer shoes – so, what do you do when you are buying budget-friendly party shoes?

Here are 10 tips to ensure your find shoes that don’t break the budget or violate all the fashion codes.

Tip #1: Look for reputable shops

While you’re shopping on a budget, you don’t want to just shop on the first site you find. It’s a good idea to trust reputable online traders and read reviews before purchase. This ensures you don’t fall for the “too good to be true deal”. Don’t forget to check with the more upscale shoe stores for sale items either – lots of stores run special online discount deals that can help you a great deal in buying quality without spending a fortune.

Tip #2: Understand the return policies

No matter which retailer you choose to shop with, always read the return policy. You want to know your rights and responsibilities before you click the ‘purchase’ button or try on your new shoes. This can save you from a lot of hassle later on. It’s boring but it is necessary.

Tip #3: Know your size

Make sure you know your shoe size inside out. You can often test it for free in shoe stores but the Internet is also full of advice on how to do it at home. The key is to know the length and width of your foot. Be a realist when it comes to your shoe size – you don’t want to spend a party wearing shoes that are clearly too small for you.

Tip #4: Know the store’s size charts

You should also remember to check the retailer’s size charts. Different shops might have the same size printed on the bottom of the shoe but it will be slightly different from store to store. Even designers can have slight variations – especially when it comes to the width of the shoe!

Tip #5: Set a realistic budget

When you are working on a budget, it is important to be specific and determine what is a realistic budget to have. You can save a lot of time by filtering out shoes based on price – therefore, knowing your budget helps. Do also remember that the cheaper the shoe, the worse its quality can sometimes be. If the shoe’s of a bad quality, it might not last a long time and in the long-term, you end up spending more.

Tip #6:Pick utility over design

Now, when you are buying party shoes with a limited budget, you should favour utility over design. This doesn’t mean buying ugly shoes, but simply picking a model that would match with multiple different looks. This ensures you don’t end up spending money on a one-hit wonder – shoes that only go with one outfit.

Tip #7:Don’t pick a cheap material

Don’t opt for materials that enhance the budget-side of your shoes. Plastic or synthetic materials will look cheap while also costing a lot less. It is possible to find cheap shoes in better materials such as leather or imitation leather. These will look much better and you won’t show the shoes price tag with the material.

Tip #8: Don’t be afraid to go second-hand

In terms of finding cheap party shoes, you might want to consider going second-hand. You can find plenty of good second hand shoes online and pay just a fraction for what you would if you bought the shoes new. Just make sure you have photos of the shoes in their current condition.

Tip #9: Browse the Internet for ideas

For making great findings and saving money, the Internet is a life changer. You should check websites like www.onlinesavingshack.com for ideas on how to save money when shopping online – you never know where you get ideas for the best party shoes on a budget. Forums are another great place for finding shopping tips and resources – check out shoe blogs, clothing forums and fashion bloggers for more ideas and information.

Tip #10: Leave enough time for a second purchase

Never buy shoes in the last minute and in panic. No matter how well you consider the above tips, you might end up buying shoes that feel or look terrible. In this case, you want to have enough time to return your shoes and make another purchase. So, start looking for those party shoes in time, ladies!

With the above 10 tips in mind, you can find budget-friendly party shoes that not only look good but also won’t cause you to have a heart attack when you check your bank balance. So, get shopping and have fun at the party!